Leading Mexican transportation and logistics company successfully deploys Blue Yonder Luminate Control Tower and TMS alongside partner Ágora

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and MEXICO CITY, Mexico – March 15, 2021 – Blue Yonder announced that TRAXIÓN Logistics, a third-party logistics (3PL) and a fourth-party logistics (4PL) operator part of the Grupo TRAXIÓN, has implemented Blue Yonder’s LuminateTM Control Tower and Transportation Management Solution (TMS), as well as the network design and modeling solutions, as it looks to help its customers gain more visibility into their supply chains with the perfect fit. The successful implementation was supported by Ágora, a Blue Yonder strategic partner in Latin America.

A leading transportation and logistics company based in Mexico, TRAXIÓN Logistics seeks to meet the logistical needs of its customers with flexible and personalized attention. As a recently created division of Grupo TRAXIÓN, TRAXIÓN Logistics faced the challenge of being able to offer its customers a one-stop logistics solution to gain visibility into all aspects of their supply chain. The 3PL/4PL was looking for a world-class solution to provide its customers with optimal transportation planning, superior execution and orchestration, online visibility, and proactive alerts.

By utilizing Luminate Control Tower and TMS, TRAXIÓN Logistics customers can leverage the 3PL/4PL’s resources while gaining visibility into external sources all in one location, providing best-in-class service for its customers.

“Through Blue Yonder’s Luminate Control Tower, we are able to truly deliver on our promise of a one-stop logistics solution with digital visibility for our customers by integrating our partners,” said Néstor del Río, director of engineering and transformation, Grupo TRAXIÓN. “In addition, Blue Yonder’s TMS capabilities have enabled us to offer our customers optimal planning and much greater control to ensure complete and timely deliveries, as well as optimizing our customers’ supply chain networks by adding intelligence to TMS through the network design and modeling solutions.”

The Microsoft Azure- and SaaS-based Luminate Control Tower will allow TRAXIÓN Logistics to offer customers the ability to automate manual processes, access real-time data to manage and right-size inventory levels and, ultimately, improve customer service. This heightened visibility, orchestration and collaboration is derived from Luminate Control Tower’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

At the same time, Blue Yonder’s TMS will enable TRAXIÓN Logistics to transform its transportation operations by managing quickly and efficiently end-to-end business processes from modeling to planning and execution across multiple modes of road, ocean and last-mile delivery. This will ultimately enable TRAXIÓN Logistics to effectively communicate in real-time to its carrier community on delivery status.

“Our Luminate Control Tower provides real-time visibility into every aspect of the supply chain. Combined with our TMS, TRAXIÓN Logistics can provide proactive alerts to its customers, ensuring minimal disruption in the supply chain. The prescriptive insights allow TRAXIÓN Logistics to offer continuous improvement to its customers,” said Jaime Estrada, senior customer executive, Blue Yonder. “Working with our implementation partner Ágora, we were able to implement this project in four months, which is record time for a project of this scale and during COVID-19.”

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