23 Jun 2024
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Supply Chain Visibility in a Time of Crisis: What the 2020 Visibility Report Tells Us

We have long had to deal with disruptions of all kinds, so why do we continue to scramble when a crisis hits? Answers to this question is in the 2020 Supply Chain Visibility Report based on research by Reuters Events and eyefortransport (eft), sponsored by Blue Yonder. The report highlights the gaps between available technical capabilities and their adoption in the areas of visibility, risk management and disruptive technologies, among other issues, as symptomatic of why we are not where we should be with preparedness and response.

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Business Insider: Rampant shipping delays and limited stock amid the coronavirus outbreak reveal why e-commerce hasn’t defeated physical stores just yet

Story originally appeared in Business Insider on April 12, 2020. Excerpts from the story below. To see the full story visit BusinessInsider.com. Jim Hull, senior director of retail industry strategy at Blue Yonder, said he’s heard from several consumers who said they attempted to place orders…

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Introducing the New blueyonder.com

Perhaps the next biggest step after our initial rebrand announced February 11, is the launch of our completely revisioned website which debuted this week. I’m very proud to share the new public face for Blue Yonder! This new website was a tremendous collaboration between the…