26 Oct 2020
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Business Reporter: AI and data: How can retailers target the right customers, both through Covid-19 disruption and into the future?

This contributed story by Dr. Michael Feindt, strategic advisor with Blue Yonder, originally appeared in Business Reporter on July 8, 2020. Excerpts from the story below. To see the full story visit Business-Reporter.co.uk. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruption in the UK retail sector, with many shops…

Press Release

DHL Supply Chain launches software platform with Blue Yonder on Microsoft cloud to accelerate implementation of warehouse robotics through standardization

Leading AI-driven fulfillment provider Blue Yonder and DHL deploy new platform for the integration of warehouse robots, built on Microsoft Azure. First implementation at DHL warehouse in Madrid has already reduced integration time by 60%. The new platform gives customers greater flexibility in selecting and…