This IDC study discusses the evolution and future trends of warehouse management systems (WMSs), highlighting the shift from basic inventory control to sophisticated applications that manage complex warehouse operations. It emphasizes the impact of technological advancements like cloud computing, AI, and robotics automation on WMS. The content also presents an IDC MarketScape vendor assessment, evaluating various WMS vendors based on their strategies and capabilities. It concludes with advice for technology buyers and profiles of key vendors in the WMS market.

“Supply chains aren’t just physical anymore, they’re also digital and there is no one-way approach to inventory management,” according to Roderick Gaines, research director of Warehousing, Inventory, and Order Management at IDC. “As companies shift to a digital transformation supply chain, AI will have a significant impact as companies look for ways to improve inventory accuracy while mitigating risk. The ability to track inventory in real time with cloud-based applications will give companies the advantage over companies that choose to remain with stand-alone software.”

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