This IDC PeerScape is part 2 of a two-part series that aims to home in on specific practices that retailers can enable through improved processes and technology to improve customer experience, profitability, and sustainability outcomes across the end-to-end order life cycle. While inventory, orders, and fulfillment all must come together effectively, using one set of visible data, there are distinct processes and practices that affect each node. Part 1 of the omni-channel series looked at inventory-focused practices. This edition, part 2, takes a look at practices that lean more toward the order orchestration and fulfillment side. It should be stated that these practices are so impactful to each other that none should be looked at in a vacuum.

“Today’s customers operate in an anytime-anywhere omni-channel shopping environment, and their expectations are high and have accelerated over recent years,” says Jordan Speer, research director, Retail Insights, IDC. “Businesses with modern, integrated technology and a digital-first mentality are better prepared with the infrastructure to support the full customer ordering journey from pre- to post purchase, including intelligent promising and optimized order orchestration, fulfillment, delivery, and return processes across the supply chain. They are also more resilient, better able to build loyalty by delivering the right product at the right price at the right place at the right time while ensuring that they themselves can operate sanely, sustainably, and profitably.” Read the report here (subscription required).