One of the world’s leading hardlines wholesalers gains ‘true value’ out of JDA Demand deployment, delivering an exceptional customer experience while optimizing its inventory

Anticipating and incorporating demand – particularly for highly seasonal and weather-dependent items – into a wholesaler’s strategy is crucial to delivering an exceptional customer experience while maintaining accurate inventory levels and a healthy profit margin. That’s why True Value, one of the world’s leading hardlines wholesalers globally, selected JDA Software, Inc. as its partner to systematically transform demand planning and replenishment across its multitude of distribution centers and customers.

True Value’s family of independent retailers and associates is the foundation of its success. In an age of retail chains and big boxes, the company understands that customers still value quality products, exceptional service and expert advice. True Value has a proud heritage of supporting the growth and success of a diverse group of independent retailers, who operate both branded and non-branded True Value stores and specialty businesses in thousands of communities in the United States and around the globe.

In 2017, True Value embarked on a strategy to revamp its demand planning and replenishment processes and chose JDA Demand to effect that change. The company realized it needed a more accurate way of replenishing inventory based on actual customer buying trends, particularly for highly variable categories like seasonal, weather dependent and novelty items. By better forecasting demand, True Value can adjust inventories to meet regional store needs, which fluctuate highly depending on the season.

“Deploying JDA Demand supports True Value’s strategic, proactive resource planning by providing a single, accurate, enterprise-wide view of customer demand.  This ultimately, makes us a better partner to our customers by offering them the products they need most. This is particularly critical in more volatile seasons such as winter, where shoppers are looking for shovels, snow blowers and other winter must-haves.  We needed a better way to predict that demand more accurately,” said Lyndsi Lee, divisional vice president of inventory and global sourcing, True Value. “JDA has surpassed our expectations and been a true partner, driving inventory reductions we can choose to reinvest as well as improving our ability to forecast demand.”

The power of JDA Demand is particularly evident in forecasting more dynamic and variable demand categories where prior systems would miss trend changes.  With an advanced solution from JDA, True Value has more granular forecasting capabilities down to the hourly and item levels if needed, versus the monthly forecasts of its prior systems, which would routinely miss opportunities to adjust demand forecasts. 

Since deploying JDA Demand, True Value has seen millions of dollars in inventory reductions, while sustaining an industry-leading first-time fill rate and improving turns on its inventory investment. With fewer stock-outs, True Value can ultimately deliver a better customer experience, leading to increased sales and satisfaction. True Value plans to expand its JDA footprint this year with a replenishment planning module that will not only forecast demand changes faster, but also react and replenish faster. 

“It is imperative for wholesalers to be savvy in their approach to replenishing their retailers’ stores and meeting regional demand. True Value is a prime example of a company that recognized this need, given its highly fluctuating product lifecycles based on geography and seasonality,” said Terry Turner, president, North American retail, JDA. “They have executed a sophisticated demand-driven approach to their business that will continue to help them develop a collaborative forecast that effectively predicts and shapes consumer-driven demand, while continuously evolving to localized shopper preferences.”

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