Leading North America logistics provider improves yard visibility thanks to camera technology and machine learning-enabled solution from Blue Yonder in partnership with Panasonic Connect

READING, Pa., and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Feb. 27, 2024 – In an effort to gain more visibility and control in the warehouse yard, Penske Logistics, a leading provider of innovative supply chain and logistics solutions, has successfully implemented the Blue Yonder Yard Management solution – the first such implementation of Blue Yonder’s newest Supply Chain Execution solution.

Penske Logistics works with shippers and carriers to optimize shipments, reduce miles, cut transportation costs, improve asset utilization, and provide better service. The logistics service provider was looking for an innovative way to track and monitor equipment such as trailers and containers in its yards.

Penske has successfully implemented the Yard Management solution at one warehouse site and is looking to expand into further locations in 2024.

With Blue Yonder, Penske Logistics has been able to:

  • Utilize camera/computer vision technology and machine learning (ML) tied into the Yard Management solution to automatically check-in and identify trailers to know what shipments are in the yard and where the trailer or container is parked.
  • Automatically check out, enabled by the Yard Management solution, to provide time-stamp details for when tractors and trailers exit the yard, assisting with detention fee mitigation.
  • Connect directly into the Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System (WMS) so that all shipments are automatically logged in the system and tracked.
  • Automate and centralize tasks to return labor to other more productive activities at the yard.
  • Improve throughput in its supply chain by increasing the speed of processing trucks in the yard, thereby lowering costs and improving service.

Ramu Pannala, vice president supply chain technology, Penske Logistics: “Thanks to Blue Yonder’s computer vision-based Yard Management solution we have gained greater visibility in our yard, allowing us to know trailer and container location details and status, which has resulted in improved efficiencies. Automating the gate-in, gate-out process has allowed us to make better business decisions that positively benefit our customers. We are looking forward to further implementing this solution in the coming year.”

The Blue Yonder Yard Management solution enables automated gate management with significantly reduced errors and offers trailer and container visibility by tracking details for inbound/outbound, drops, hooks, live loads, and status of assets in the yard. The solution also provides critical information including where to drop or hook trailers, assigned docks, equipment status, and load priority and location. In addition, proactive alerts allow staff to quickly respond to constraints or unexpected actions in real-time, and track statuses while monitoring for delays in the yard to avoid detention fees and various expenses due to waiting or lost loads.

As a leading third-party logistics company, Penske Logistics invests in innovation that drives value for its customers. In this way Penske has benefited from the collaboration between Blue Yonder and Panasonic Connect. The technology for the Blue Yonder Yard Management solution, including the camera/computer vision and ML, was developed in partnership with Panasonic Connect, Blue Yonder’s parent company. Panasonic Connect has brought deep engineering expertise to the development of this solution and its senior engineering and R&D teams have been actively engaged in deploying the solution.

“Penske Logistics has truly shown their innovation by being the first customer to fully implement our new Yard Management solution. As a result, they have seen tremendous benefits that have allowed them to centralize and automate key tasks, which greatly improved their yard and business operations and saved both time and costs. After a successful pilot and implementation at one yard, we are excited to be expanding into other yards this year,” said Warren Rojas, corporate vice president, Global Logistics Service Providers, Blue Yonder.

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