With more than 10 years collaboration, Blue Yonder and Maxi Di recently renewed their relationship by migrating the existing space planning and replenishment solutions to SaaS and cloud, based on Blue Yonder’s LuminateTM Platform, which empowers digital supply chains.

Maxi Di is a very well-known, Italian large-scale grocery retailer and is part of the Selex Group. Maxi Di operates through different brands, including A&O for proximity shops; Famila, Famila Superstore and Iperfamila for supermarkets and hypermarkets format; Dpiù for discount supermarkets; and C+C Cash and Carry for HORECA customers.

Embracing a strategic, digital path to the cloud and SaaS will allow Maxi Di to improve the service levels for its distribution network and for its customers.

Blue Yonder’s digital fulfillment supply chain platform, running on Microsoft Azure, provides synchronized business planning and execution. It will allow Maxi Di to leverage heterogeneous data from sources both inside and outside the company, positively impacting the manufacturing and distribution processes. Moreover, Luminate Platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to achieve more informed and effective decisions, supporting more profitable supply chains and offering a superior and consistent customer experience.

“Max Di is strongly committed to customer satisfaction by offering the best products selections and services at increasingly competitive prices. Moving to Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform will allow the company to make more informed real-time decisions and better align with customer demand patterns and shifting consumption models,” said Alexandre Jennaoui, vice president, South Europe, Blue Yonder.