JDA Store Optimizer transforms real-time data into actionable insights by leveraging IoT sensors; next generation SaaS solution extends partnerships to include Intel, Zebra Technologies and SATO

As the need for a unified, seamless customer experience continues to evolve for today’s retailers, optimizing the in-store experience sits at the forefront of this blending of physical and digital commerce. And as this blend evolves, retailers are experiencing increased operational complexity for store associates. To address this industry challenge, JDA Software, Inc.,  today announced new enhancements to its next generation software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based JDA® Store Optimizer solution, which transforms real-time data into actionable insights that help retailers improve inventory and labor management, increase operational efficiency, and enhance customer experiences.

“The future shopping journey will be driven by a consumer who wants a frictionless experience, and who demands convenience and immediacy. That demand drives down to the store level, where it is critical to have the right product, in the right place, at the right time. JDA Store Optimizer – available now – changes the game for retailers who require pinpoint accuracy of products in the store, which then gives them the freedom to assign tasks with priority, agility and speed to store associates on the floor,” said Desikan Madhavanur, executive vice president and chief development officer, JDA. “Tapping into the Internet of Things (IoT) and an expanded partner ecosystem unlocks the insights necessary for store managers to make more timely and accurate decisions, boosting efficiency and productivity while leading to better customer experiences and increased sales.”

JDA Store Optimizer is a key piece of JDA’s Intelligent Retail solutions, and optimizes the customer experience by utilizing Intelligent Planning, Intelligent Fulfillment, Intelligent Store and Intelligent Edge – all of which enable retailers to deliver more Intelligent Offers to their customers.  JDA Store Optimizer is a key component to helping retailers drive profitable sales growth and an exceptional customer experience in-store. As part of JDA Intelligent Store portfolio, JDA Store Optimizer helps create a dynamic merchandising environment that maximizes inventory flow and visibility, improves operational efficiency for store associates and ensures zero lost sales.

Dynamic Merchandising unlocks store potential

JDA Store Optimizer touts built-in artificial intelligence (AI) which factors in available space and floor plans as well as labor and products to create the optimal assignment of tasks for individual associates. Immediate information and alerts are delivered on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and watches to help associates focus on the most important task at any given moment, leveraging both existing inventory location technologies and new technologies via IoT sensors. This precise and real-time tracking increases inventory accuracy while maximizing inventory and shelf productivity – solving a significant gap in the market today for retailers. 

 “The beauty of this SaaS solution is that our customers can start small, deploying Dynamic Merchandising capabilities within JDA Store Optimizer, then add features and capabilities as they go. With a continuous delivery method, this solution gives customers the ability to determine their own maturity curve as they deploy JDA Store Optimizer across their stores, and begin reaping immediate value,” continued Madhavanur.

Leading specialty retailer improves customer experience with JDA Store Optimizer

Since its recent deployment of JDA Store Optimizer in a pilot program, one leading specialty retailer has seen a major reduction in out-of-stocks, along with noticeable improvement in employee productivity and satisfaction. These, in turn, have led to significant margin improvement and fewer lost sales, as well as improved customer satisfaction and better-stocked shelves. Using JDA Store Optimizer, this retailer has reduced labor costs, increased employee engagement scores and improved on-shelf availability and profitability dramatically in a short amount of time.

JDA expands partner ecosystem for JDA Store Optimizer

In addition to new capabilities, JDA also continues to extend its partner ecosystem of hardware vendors and solution integrations to extend the functionality and benefits of JDA Store Optimizer. JDA is now working with SATO and Zebra Technologies to leverage their IoT sensor technologies that accurately track inventory quantity and location, allowing store associates’ tasks to be updated automatically. Having real-time inventory data enables lean operations and saves time and money by ensuring the right levels of inventory with reduced risk of shortages, overstocking or preventable returns.

JDA Store Optimizer is being showcased this week at JDA booth 2817 at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 107th annual Retail’s BIG Show in New York City, as JDA features the Future of Retail and the new Intelligent Store. Visitors to the JDA booth can go hands-on with a mobile demo of the solution and also see a theater presentation on it with partner Intel.  Additionally, attendees can also experience JDA Store Optimizer at Google’s booth, #953.

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