ITC Limited, one of India’s leading marketers in the fast-moving consumer good business, is transforming its supply chain. The company has invested in two large, automated distribution centers to support its growth ambitions in the coming years. These facilities are expected to provide a competitive edge in terms of scale, freshness and close-to-market distribution.

As part of this initiative, ITC’s Trade Marketing and Distribution Division has partnered with Blue Yonder, a leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. The automated distribution centers are supported by Blue Yonder’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Labor Management solution to deliver benchmark efficiencies in its operations. ITC has further selected Blue Yonder to implement several Luminate® Planning solutions later this year.

Enabled by Blue Yonder, ITC can now:

  • Improve warehouse productivity and decrease cost of handling products.
  • Improve warehouse throughput and increase agility to handle demand fluctuations and disruptions through standardized tools and processes.
  • Increase supply chain flexibility and scalability to support its growth and business needs.
  • Measure and improve productivity of its workforce through better assignment and distribution logic.
  • Trace the lifecycle of its inventory.

ITC is working to create a standard methodology for associates to do their jobs more effectively and for the operations to decrease costs, improve throughput, and increase productivity. Blue Yonder’s solutions are driving change for ITC by simplifying the management of complex warehouse operations, optimizing storage and selection strategies, and integrating labor management.

“ITC has been able to establish automated processes for its warehouse operations in Tiruchirappalli and Kapurthala thanks to our Blue Yonder solutions. ITC is improving the total time to market for their products and optimizing the cost of their supply chain operations, allowing them to digitally transform their warehouse and labor operations to enable on-time fulfillment,” said Guru Ananthanarayanan, country head, India Region, Blue Yonder.