This contributed story by Chirag Modi, Corporate Vice President, Industry Strategy at Blue Yonder, originally appeared in Chain Store Age on Dec. 20, 2023. Excerpts from the story below. To read the full article visit

U.S. domestic supply chain operations are poised to receive a boost from the federal government.

The Biden Administration’s recent announcement of 30 new actions to strengthen supply chain resilience promises lower costs for consumers, investments in new technology, and reliable deliveries for critical goods and services.

While the new actions will be key to improving access to medicine, economic data and more, the retail sector also stands to benefit tremendously from this investment in supply chain resiliency. Retail supply chain is a complex web, requiring decision makers to correctly predict market demand, account for disruptions and shortages, and prioritize functional logistical procedures.

Below are a few examples as to how retailers stand to benefit from these new initiatives.