Leading Greater China retailer looks to maximize store revenue and improve in-store consumer experience with Blue Yonder solution

SHANGHAI and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Nov. 27, 2023 – With rapidly changing consumer behavior and supply chain disruptions, retailers need to make faster decisions to attract and retain customers. That’s why RT-Mart, a leading hypermarket retailer in the Greater China region, has selected Blue Yonder’s category management capabilities to better utilize its in-store space, making it easier for consumers to locate products and maximize store revenue.

RT-Mart is a prominent retail giant with a rich history spanning several decades. It has over 500 hypermarkets in Greater China and offers a diverse range of products and services to meet the ever-evolving needs of its consumers. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, RT-Mart continues to redefine the shopping experiences, making it a household name for millions of consumers. The retailer was looking to automate and improve its category management capabilities from manual processes, so it turned to Blue Yonder.

Once implemented, Blue Yonder’s solution will enable RT-Mart to:

  • Accelerate the category turnover process based on consumer trend insights and drive more accurate supply chain planning with digital shelving.
  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy of store staff carrying out shelf displays using a digital solution.
  • Improve the customer experience through enhanced digital visibility to store shelf level and product flows.
  • Emphasize customer-centric digital analytics insights to enable data-driven business and category decisions.
  • Better support the expansion of the omni-channel business model and achieve efficient in-store picking operation planning through accurate layout and display positioning.

“We were seeking a refined category space management solution that would offer us industry best practices to gain visibility into our store displays and further enhance our brand. Blue Yonder’s category management solution is an industry leader so we knew it would allow us to meet our current customer-centric transformation strategies and to build a good foundation for future omni-channel business growth. We are looking forward to implementing the solution,” said Gao Wei, director, SPT Project, RT-Mart.

Blue Yonder’s category management solution will allow RT-Mart to optimize layouts across stores, optimizing space and reducing out-of-stocks, both of which work to increase customer satisfaction. The solution leverages granular shopper insights, data analytics, and automation to optimize space and floor planning, allowing the right inventory to be on the right shelves at the right stores – taking preferences down to the local level.

“RT-Mart needed a category management strategy that could adjust as customer preference and demand changed. With Blue Yonder’s category management solutions, they will be able to allocate space more strategically thanks to data and analytics, improving the consumer shopping experience,” said Vince Beacom, senior vice president, Retail, Blue Yonder.

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