Leading automobile trading company to improve customer experience with accurate demand, optimized inventory, and higher quality supply plans.

BANGKOK, Thailand, and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – March 29, 2023 – Honda Trading Asia Co., Ltd. (HTAS) has selected to digitally transform its supply chain planning capabilities with Blue Yonder. The company will implement Blue Yonder’s demand planning, supply planning, and inventory optimization solutions.

HTAS, a subsidiary company of Honda Trading Corporation, supplies parts, equipment, dyes, and molds to meet customer demands on automobile production and assembly lines, as well as procures raw materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, and resin for auto parts production lines. The company also provides logistic services such as customs clearance, just-in-time delivery operations, and warehouse operations.

HTAS was using an in-house solution and manual processes. The company needed a solution to better plan for demand and supply to place the right inventory at the right locations, avoid stockouts, and improve customer service levels while optimizing costs and minimizing impacts of disruptions and volatility. HTAS turned to Blue Yonder for the solution. Nexus System Resources, a Blue Yonder partner, guided HTAS during the selection process.

With Blue Yonder, HTAS will be able to:

  • Monitor stock movement and identify stockout / overstock risks for users.
  • Implement automation in both its purchasing and production planning processes.
  • Automatically update its systems for the latest inventory, purchase orders, work orders, in-transits, and sales order status to create accurate supply plans.
  • Mathematically model various constraints in actual operations, including lead time, capacity, material constraints, working/non-working days, and more.
  • Support simulation of various what-if scenarios to accurately plan for disruptive situations that would normally cause drastic fluctuations in both demand and supply.
  • Empower their planners to shift away from tedious manual operations to focus on driving strategy and improving success metrics.

“We were seeking a supply chain planning solution that could help us reduce risk of material shortages, as well as plan for market changes and disruptions. Blue Yonder’s solution will help us remove the complexity of planning for demand and supply by automating our processes and digitally transforming our supply chain. We are looking forward to implementing this solution to create a new standardized operation and system globally,” said Mr. Somya Mayuraskoon, Director, HTAS.

Blue Yonder’s demand planning and supply planning solutions will provide HTAS with a holistic and connected view of its supply chain planning processes. HTAS will be able to balance global objectives for demand satisfaction, collaborate on planning scenarios in situations of material imbalances or shortages, and make accurate and faster decisions through the manufacturing and distribution network to minimize stock-outs and maximize inventory turns, ultimately improving the customer experience. Blue Yonder’s inventory optimization solution will allow HTAS to align its inventory planning, strategy and execution with its strategic business goals for service, production, and distribution, creating end-to-end synergies.

“HTAS needed a solution that could ensure its flexible operations and superior customer service. Customer satisfaction will not only be maintained but elevated to a new level. We are proud to be teaming up with them to implement our solutions that will give them the ability to react quickly to changes in market dynamics while optimizing their inventory, so they can continue to be a trusted partner to the global automotive industry,” said Antonio Boccalandro, president, APAC, Blue Yonder.

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About Honda Trading Asia Co., Ltd.

Honda Trading Asia Co., Ltd. is a trading company, a subsidiary of Honda Trading Corporation, which was established in 1991 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. The company is involved in the import and export of various goods, including raw materials, industrial equipment, and automotive components, among others. Honda Trading’s business activities also include supply chain management, logistics, and financing. As a member of the Honda Group, Honda Trading works closely with other Honda companies to support their business activities worldwide. The company also collaborates with other companies outside of the Honda Group to expand its trading network and provide its customers with a diverse range of products and services.

About Blue Yonder

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