Blue Yonder’s customers’ stories showcase how they are driving a competitive advantage using Luminate® – the company’s cognitive business planning platform

ORLANDO, Florida, and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – May 24, 2022 – Supply chains have never been more front and center in the news. Blue Yonder, the leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment, highlighted the criticality of supply chain digitization at ICON 2022, its annual customer conference – the company’s first in-person event in three years. The company also showcased how customers are using its solutions to turn disruptions into opportunity. The event kicked off today with several keynotes from Blue Yonder leaders and customers including CVS, Martin-Brower of Canada, Meijer, Micron Technology, Microsoft, and Sunbelt Rentals, Inc

A Unified, End-to-End Platform Powering the Autonomous Supply Chain Edge

During his keynote address, Interim CEO Mark Morgan reinforced the importance of how Blue Yonder’s end-to-end platform provides a unique competitive advantage to customers. He also shared how the company’s SaaS innovations are delivering powerful business outcomes for customers.

“Our vision is to unify our customers’ data, supply chain and commerce operations, across their disparate workflows, systems and processes to unlock new potential for their businesses and ensure that they have the end-to-end predictability, control and orchestration they need across their enterprise,” said Morgan. “By unifying planning and execution, customers are able to better meet consumer demand using one end-to-end platform. And our Luminate® Platform does all that and more with its cognitive capabilities.”

The company is also investing in its Luminate Platform to help customers bring together operations to unlock and unify data. This is showcased through the company’s recent partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to transform access to data, ensuring it is unlocked, accessible and actionable. Starting with Luminate Control Tower and Luminate Demand Edge, customers will be able to use a single-source data infrastructure that eliminates workstream siloes and provides real-time, end-to-end orchestration across planning, execution and commerce.

A Platform Purpose-Built to Predict and Prevent Supply Chain Disruptions

According to results from its recently launched Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Survey, Blue Yonder found that 88% of businesses faced disruption over the last year, with over a quarter (26%) facing significant disruption. Of executives who investment in their organization’s supply chain, nearly 1 in 4 invested $10 million or more.

“Pushing automation possibilities even further by embracing IoT and edge to cloud, we can deliver more unified commerce and competitive advantage to our customers to help them overcome disruptions and pivot to meet consumer demands. We will soon launch several edge-aware, SaaS microservices and capabilities across our Luminate solutions – from Planning to Commerce to Logistics – to further support customers as they rethink, reimagine, and reinvent their supply chains,” said Desikan Madhavanur, chief development officer, Blue Yonder.

These new, soon-to-be launched solutions include:

  • Cognitive Business Planning to enable customers to better manage uncertainties and provide actionable insights to more accurately forecast, predict delays, and get ahead of challenges through prescriptive automation and decision making across the entire business planning process.
  • Luminate Warehouse Management (LWMS) to deliver modern-day fulfillment needs in an agile, scalable solution, with seamless, prescriptive workflows that empower fulfillment sites to maintain the highest inventory accuracy with the speed and efficiencies to fulfill outbound orders.
  • Additional Order Management (OMS) microservices to bring omni-channel visibility to ensure delivery of the right product, at the right time, with end-to-end capabilities from digital tags to retail store operations through e-commerce.

“As a long tenured vendor in the supply chain market, Blue Yonder understands better than most the need for businesses to be more autonomous and resilient. Supply chains must not only be capable of solving for today’s business problems and disruptions but for tomorrow’s as well. Blue Yonder is embracing this approach as they work on future solutions and microservices. An autonomous and resilient supply chain will put their customers in a better position to successfully face future challenges,” said Simon Ellis, program vice president, IDC.

Experience the Unified Edge with More Than 50 Customer Presenters

ICON 2022 attendees will continue to learn how they can future-proof their supply chains from more than 50 leading brands showcasing their stories of transformation and reinvention success, along with Blue Yonder sessions featuring the innovation, impact and resiliency of its solutions and platform. The event features over 170 sessions along with an Expo Hall that will showcase Blue Yonder’s solutions and more than 60 ecosystem partners.

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