New programs and initiatives to support customers on their transformation journey while helping them realize value faster

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – May 4, 2023 – At its annual customer conference Blue Yonder ICON, Blue Yonder’s Cloud and Customer Experience team announced several initiatives and programs geared toward delivering service assurance, building customer advocacy, and driving customer value.       

The first is the Value-Acceleration-as-a-Service program made up of these elements:

  • Enhanced Support and Value Accelerators: An evolution of Blue Yonder’s dedicated support and services offerings, the company is upscaling to meet the evolving demands of its customers.For large SaaS enterprise customers, Blue Yonder will offer a dedicated support model. Benefits include:
    • Dedicated support resources to enhance higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs) compliance, achieve faster resolutions, and ensure optimal response and reliability.
    • Enhanced service assurance to enable a trusted and reliable world-class customer experience.
    • Accelerated value through new feature review sessions, tailored webinars, go-live readiness engagement, and tracking through enhanced dashboards.
  • Automated Testing Services: To overcome the challenges associated with manual testing by customers and business users, Blue Yonder will automate testing of key business processes and improve the accuracy of the test results. This will reduce human error and the reliance on human capital, as well as maximize a customer’s productivity. Other benefits include:
    • Tests can be performed at multiple sites, validating each site’s unique configuration while ensuring reliable and consistent results.
    • Allows for testing from the user experience, which ensures stability and validates ongoing system configuration changes against operations SLAs and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
    • Rapid regression testing, reducing the overall testing cycle and allowing faster deployments, which will result in quicker time to value and reduce outage windows.
    • Allows testing early and often to keep systems running optimally.

The Automated Testing Services will launch in 2023 with Warehouse Management System (WMS) and quickly expand to other solutions.

“Our mission is to be the most trusted supply chain solutions provider. We are laser focused on driving outcomes and value. Edge apps and ERP were the first to go to the cloud and supply chain was the last due to the fact that they are much more complex, require zero latency, and every customer has a lot of data and customizations for mission critical supply chain operations. My team and I have set an aspirational vision to deliver the most trusted and reliable end-to-end supply chain experience in the cloud. We have a platform to deliver to customers and will match it with exceptional customer experience,” said Darren Saumur, president, cloud and customer experience, Blue Yonder.

The team also announced a new Training-as-a-Service program for its cloud customers. In addition to knowing how to configure Blue Yonder’s applications, the company wants its customers to be the best at using these applications, especially when they have turnover of their staff. The program offers training for customers to learn how to be the best at forecasting, replenishment and planning. Other training and certifications will be created based on customer needs and asks.

On the sustainability front, the team is looking to automate computing power in the cloud environment to improve efficiency. By leveraging these functions as they are needed rather than wasting energy, the team believes this will significantly reduce Blue Yonder’s carbon footprint by up to 60%.

“Through these programs and initiatives, we look forward to helping more customers see value from our solutions. At the same time, we will empower our customers to be better at using these solutions through our training and certification program, while also minimizing our carbon footprint,” added Saumur. “The bedrock of our Cloud and Customer Experience team is our talent. Our people are industry veterans, most with 30-plus years of supply chain experience with deep domain skills and a passion for compressing our customers’ transformation journey. They will help our customers realize value faster and optimally.”

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