Leading Mexican retailer implements JDA Space Planning to enhance information processing and customer experience

JDA Software, Inc. today announced that Grupo Zorro Abarrotero, retailer in Mexico, has selected JDA® Space Planning to improve its in-store shopping experience and create operational efficiencies through reduced inventory, markdowns and transfer costs. Zorro Abarrotero will replace their current solution with JDA to effectively manage shelf space as it expands current locations and incorporates additional stores into its network.

Grupo Zorro Abarrotero is a Mexican company with 40 years of experience in the grocery and consumer products market. A leading retailer within Mexico City and the metropolitan area, Grupo Zorro Abarrotero owns and operates more than 75 branches with a mission to see the success of its stores using best-in-class service, variety of products and competitive prices as an innovator in the market.

“JDA’s Space Planning solution presented to us as an intuitive, friendly and flexible interface, which will allow us to standardize processes across all stores and better monitor performance based on proper space plans,” said Yemayá Mayo Camposeco, Planograming Coordinator, Grupo Zorro Abarrotero. “This implementation will enable us to process and analyze information much faster so that we can respond to the operative demands of our current and future branches in a timely manner.”

Prior to JDA, Grupo Zorro Abarrotero was relying on a tool that focused more on the collection and communication of market sales than on space planning capabilities.  As Grupo Zorro Abarrotero expands into future store locations, they will be able to tailor their store shelves based on specific shopper needs and localize assortments more effectively.

“With JDA, Grupo Zorro Abarrotero will be able to customize its space plans to meet customer needs and boost competitive advantage,” said Antonio Boccalandro, president for Latin America at JDA. “We are thrilled that Grupo Zorro Abarrotero has selected JDA as they focus on transforming their retail supply chain strategies and look forward to the results our Space Planning solution has to offer.”

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