Highlighted in the Panasonic booth RT1401, companies demo joint offerings including out-of-stocks detection, facial recognition, flowline analytics and Panasonic’s Visual Sort Assist

JDA Software, Inc., today announced it will be showcasing its recently announced partnership with Panasonic Corporation at Japan’s largest event for the retail and logistics sector – Retail Tech Japan 2019. Highlighted in Panasonic’s booth #RT1401, JDA and Panasonic will showcase four joint use cases powered by JDA’s next generation LuminateTM portfolio. These demonstrations will showcase out-of-stock detection, facial recognition, flowline analysis of human behavior and Panasonic’s Visual Sort Assist, maximizing productivity from the retail store front through to the back-end warehouse and factory floor. Read more about each use case here.

Housed in Panasonic’s booth, the demonstrations will highlight JDA’s award-winning SaaS-based LuminateTM Control Tower, JDA LuminateTM  Store Optimizer, and JDA LuminateTM Warehouse Tasking. Luminate Control Tower uniquely acts as the global nerve center for today’s modern supply chains, enabling real-time visibility across enterprise and partner ecosystems, a collaborative and connected AI-powered platform, and prescriptive recommendations, supporting more intelligent scenario planning and profitable responses. Luminate Store Optimizer will be leveraged for the out-of-stock detection / facial recognition / flowline analytics demonstrations. Store Optimizer acts as a retailers’ digital assistant, continuously evaluating competing priorities and directing associates to complete the most important tasks at any given time.  Luminate Warehouse Tasking will be leveraged for the Panasonic’s Visual Sort Assist demonstration.  Luminate Warehouse Tasking enhances JDA Warehouse Management by intelligently optimizing tasks in near real-time.

JDA and Panasonic will also conduct a daily booth presentation from 14:00-14:20 to share more details on the partnership to deliver integrated, cutting edge innovations that take advantage of digital edge technologies such as SaaS, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and advanced analytics to optimize retail, factory and warehouse digital supply chain operations. Attendees will get a tangible look at the autonomy they will be able to drive in their future stores, factories and warehouses.

“We’re excited to show Retail Tech attendees the power of our partnership with Panasonic, which will introduce step change improvements from retail storefronts to the warehouse and factory, including package sorting in the warehouse with visual sorting capabilities to real-time workers by staff ID/location, as well as shopper behavior and demographic analytics for merchandising and marketing and much more,” said Amit Bagga, president, APAC, JDA. “This is also an opportunity for customers to see Luminate Control Tower come to life as the digital nerve center of the supply chain, predicting supply chain disruptions before they occur and balancing short-term responsiveness with long-term strategic goals.”

Retail Tech Japan 2019 will be held March 5-8 in Tokyo, where more than 200 domestic and international companies will exhibit their products and solutions for an attendee audience of over 120,000 people expected.

JDA is the proven leader in AI/ML-driven supply chain and retail solutions for 4,000 of the world’s leading retail, manufacturing and logistics companies, including 75 of the top 100 retailers, 77 of the top 100 consumer goods companies, and 8 of the top 10 global 3PLs. JDA is also the only company recognized as a leader in ALL FIVE Gartner Supply Chain Magic Quadrants – learn more here.

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