Limited time offer for JDA Supply Chain Strategist aimed to transform customers’ supply chain networks amid heightened customer expectations, rising logistics complexity and unprecedented volatility

The supply chain has never been more of a competitive advantage than it is today. However, the challenges and complexities of today’s supply chains have never been higher with government regulations, global trade changes and increased customer expectations. That’s why JDA Software, Inc., today rolled out a compelling offer to customers to help accelerate their network design initiatives to tackle the unprecedented industry volatility today.  For a limited time, JDA, along with its reseller partners will offer customers a special subscription rate starting at $25,000 per year to deploy JDA® Supply Chain Strategist.

The global trade lanes are changing and tariffs, customs and duties complexity are all rising. The supply chain is moving faster than ever which is why we are offering this unique offer to customers today,” said Cary VandenAvond, president, North American Manufacturing, Distribution and 3PL, JDA. “Supply chain design has become a best practice and more important than ever to mitigate risks, protect brand reputation and reduce strategic costs. We look forward to accelerating and optimizing supply chain designs enabling the flexibility and responsiveness that are paramount to today’s global supply chains.”

JDA Supply Chain Strategist provides strategic, end-to-end capabilities to evaluate, design, optimize and ultimately transform retailers,’ distributors’ and manufacturers’ supply chain networks – whether they are looking to expand or simply optimize current network resources. JDA Supply Chain Strategist can be deployed across various industry sectors – from high-tech, food, beverage, consumer durables and apparel to life sciences, aerospace and defense, wholesale, retail and more.

Companies need the ability to more frequently design and optimize their network strategies to deliver on these multiple fulfillment requirements in the most profitable manner. Retailers, suppliers, and logistics providers must continuously assess their supply chain network to discover better, more innovative ways to reduce operational costs and working capital investments while also improving customer service, revenue and growth. This is particularly important given the rise in logistics costs as truck driver shortage is at unprecedented level and warehouses are competing for workers while customers expect their orders arrive on time. Achieving true optimization requires next-level and continuous supply chain network design and optimization. This is where JDA Supply Chain Strategist comes in. This industry-leading solution evaluates the complex trade-offs and opportunities when making decisions about manufacturing, distribution, and transportation strategies. 

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