The Brazilian logistics operator implements JDA Warehouse Management to prepare for growth

JDA Software Inc., has announced that SuperFrio, a Brazilian logistics operator specialized in storing and distributing refrigerated products, has selected JDA® Warehouse Management as  an important step in its strategy to modernize its supply chain. With JDA, SuperFrio will maximize the value of its 11 distribution centers, which will give them a competitive advantage while they expand their business.

SuperFrio’s distribution centers are located in the states of São Paulo, Paraná, and Santa Catarina, with its main clients being major producers of protein, seeds, vendors and retailers.

SuperFrio decided to implement JDA Warehouse Management at the end of 2017 in order to automate its supply chain processes and to replace multiple manual procedures. The first stage of the implementation began in January 2018 and included the optimization of seed operations in the Arapongas and Ribeirão Preto facilities. The next stage was deploying JDA for its distribution operations at the Ribeirão Preto, Vargem Grande do Sul, Mogi Guaçu, Jacareí, Mairinque and Marília facilities. In 2019, SuperFrio will deploy JDA Warehouse Management at the company’s new facilities in Londrina and Itapoá.

These actions are in line with SuperFrio’s plan to lead the market within the next three years, becoming the largest logistics operator specialized in refrigerated warehouses in Brazil. With JDA, SuperFrio optimized each stage of its distribution centers, leading to smoother, more precise and more efficient operations. This will reduce costs, generate competitive advantage and, ultimately help SuperFrio sustain growth within the Brazilian market.

“One of the main factors behind our growth is overhauling our supply chain processes, starting with warehouse management as a drive for this evolution,” said Fábio Silva, I.T. head for SuperFrio. “We chose JDA Warehouse Management to digitalize our supply chain and drive our productivity,” said Francisco Moura, CEO at SuperFrio.

According to Antonio Boccalandro, president, Latin America, JDA, the logistics operation for refrigerated products is very dynamic and food safety is of critical importance. “With JDA Warehouse Management, SuperFrio will be able to track products and quickly respond to any changes or disruptions in the supply chain. This is essential to satisfy customers and keep them ahead of the competition. We are very pleased to help SuperFrio modernize its supply chain processes in order to achieve higher levels of productivity and competitiveness,” concludes Boccalandro.

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