Leading Russian water bottler chooses JDA with an eye towards global expansion; partner eWave Mobile drives implementation

IDS Borjomi International, Russia’s leading water bottler, has experienced a decade of intense growth and to continue this growth trajectory, needed a digital supply chain solution to replace its manual demand and supply chain planning processes. That’s why it has chosen solutions from JDA Software, Inc., that will allow them to manage demand across their end-to-end supply chain, while maintaining accurate inventory levels and increasing profitability.

IDS Borjomi International is a leading producer and bottler of fine mineral waters with production facilities in the countries of Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. A leader in the marketplace in the CIS and the Baltics, IDS Borjomi International also currently exports their products to customers in 40 countries worldwide, and has been doing so since its establishment in 2002. Among its most celebrated brands they produce include Borjomi, Morshinska, Mirgorodska, Truskavetska, and Svyatoi Istochnyk mineral waters.

“With intense growth over the last decade, and an aggressive growth trajectory over the next 10 years, we needed a robust supply chain planning solution that will allow us to save costs while enabling us to manage our supply chain from a global perspective and not only from a local standpoint,” said Alexander Abdulaev, Supply Chain Director , IDS Borjomi Russia. “We chose JDA and partner eWave Mobile as a critical aspect of our growth strategy in the CIS and other countries and believe the combination of both companies will bring us the business value and benefits that will enable us to lead the mineral water market.”

IDS Borjomi International will deploy JDA® Demand, JDA® Enterprise Supply Planning and JDA® Demand 360 across Ukraine, Georgia and other countries across CIS. With JDA, IDS Borjomi International will better optimize its logistics network while maximizing resource utilization across production, warehousing, and transportation, which will ultimately reduce logistics costs across the company.  By optimizing the planning cycle, and improving the efficiency of production planning, IDS Borjomi International will be able to reduce specific logistics costs per one liter of water, driving down costs across the supply chain. Further, by tying JDA Demand together with JDA Enterprise Supply Planning, IDS Borjomi International will be able to dynamically update supply chain plans at any time to account for supply chain disruptions or demand volatility.

“Shorter product lifecycles, steeper competition and continuously changing consumer preferences mean retailers and distributors need a demand-driven forecasting, planning and fulfillment strategy that yields a collaborative forecast that keeps pace with real-time fluctuations,” said Johan Reventberg, president, EMEA, JDA. “With JDA, IDS Borjomi International will be able to not only meet its customers’ ever-demanding needs profitably, but also leverage best-in-class demand management from JDA to accurately predict and shape demand, taking into account seasonality, promotions, geography and weather changes. This will ultimately yield a smarter, more nimble supply chain for IDS Borjomi International.”

JDA partner eWave Mobile, international IT solutions provider will implement these solutions and brings vast in-depth knowledge and training to IDS Borjomi International.

“One of IDS Borjomi International’s main goals is to optimize existing resources and drive more value across its supply chain, while increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining accurate inventory levels,” said Ido Steinberger CEO, eWave Mobile. “We are pleased to drive this implementation to achieve these goals, bringing our years of experience deploying JDA solutions for customers in the CIS region, across a single platform, with a single interface and a single database, for an end-to-end view of IDS Borjomi International’s supply chain.”

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