Leading Guatemalan retailer company goes live with JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management solution

JDA Software, Inc.,  today announced that Unisuper S.A., the second largest supermarket chain in Guatemala, has successfully deployed JDA® Portfolio Merchandise Management as part of its retail supply chain strategy, to help it increase profitability and maximize efficiencies, while delivering a superior customer experience. 

Unisuper S.A. has more than 88 supermarkets and 16 convenience express stores across the country, and needed to integrate and harmonize its merchandising processes to achieve peak operational performance.

“We are a retail chain that focuses on exceeding the expectations of our customers and market. In addition, we remain at the forefront of changing consumer trends. We consider JDA tools and consulting as strategic allies in this path of excellence,” said Jose Jorge Quiroz Jurado, chief analytics officer, Unisuper S.A.

With JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management, Unisuper S.A. now has a scalable and integrated system that adapts to changes across sales channels, provides visibility into inventory position and empowers swift action on market shifts and consumer demand fluctuations

Since deploying JDA, Unisuper S.A. has seen a number of benefits, including:

  • Support for push/pull replenishment and unit-level perpetual inventory management
  • Facilitates exception management linked to Unisuper’s key performance indicators
  • Inventory management by case quantity, inner packs, inventory units, sell units and weight
  • Supports vendor-to-store, flow-through and cross-dock distribution
  • Management of perishable merchandise, such as tracking on-hands, sales velocity, spoilage and direct profitability
  • Purchasing management to enable buyers to manage their open-to-buy while streamlining allocations and markdowns

“Unisuper is one of Guatemala’s largest supermarket chains and we are proud to support their retail supply chain transformation,” said Antonio Boccalandro, president, Latin America, JDA. “With JDA, Unisuper can confidently make decisions across their business, from inventory, to purchasing to replenishment, all of which will impact the bottom line, while boosting customer satisfaction.”

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