Midwestern outdoor living retailer expands JDA footprint to improve inventory management

JDA Software Group, Inc.  today announced that Mills Fleet Farm has expanded its JDA footprint as it implements a new supply chain strategy anticipated to improve inventory management for its 37 stores. Mills Fleet Farm has been a JDA customer for more than 20 years leveraging a range of solutions from JDA® Advanced Store Replenishment, to JDA® Space & Category Management solutions, and will be implementing several JDA® Demand, JDA® Fulfillment and JDA® FlowcastingTM solutions to support its new distribution strategy.  JDA’s professional services group will partner with VACO Consulting to lead the implementation and help Mills Fleet Farm realize the value proposition of the new supply chain strategy.

Mills Fleet Farm has been proudly serving the Upper Midwest since 1955 as a retailer of lifestyle products helping active, outdoor families and suburban and farm consumers – combining wide-ranging products, convenient services and friendly, knowledgeable team members all under one roof. After over 50 years in business, Mills Fleet Farm has become the region’s most trusted name in retail with 37 locations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and North Dakota.

As part of its supply chain transformation, Mills Fleet Farm will change the flow of many goods, shifting to a supplier to distribution center (DC) model to gain inventory management efficiency and reduce costs. The company recently announced the construction of a new 1.1 million square foot DC in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin to better serve stores and customers.

“We turned to JDA to support our strategy to give us a more accurate view and control around demand and supply as we execute on our supply chain strategy and open our new DC in 2018,” said Rich Tannenbaum, senior vice president at Mills Fleet Farm. “We recognize the importance of creating the most accurate inventory plan. These new JDA tools, along with improved business processes, will enable us to better serve customers.”

“Improved profitability and better margins will always be an imperative of every company, in order to keep pace in today’s competitive environment. Improving supply chain strategy underscores these important financial goals, while focusing on any company’s most important asset; its customers.” said Paula Natoli, vice president, product management, JDA. “Mills Fleet Farm will have a more robust distribution strategy that ties together demand and supply planning for the best picture of demand and fulfillment, boosting their profitability and improving overall agility.”

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