Leading Italian eyewear company uses JDA Demand for end-to-end visibility of demand, to support real-time collaborative scenario planning and to gain more accurate forecasting for slow movers and new products

JDA Software Group, Inc.  today announced that Kering Eyewear, part of Kering Group, a global luxury brand that develops an ensemble of luxury houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watches, has selected JDA as its supply chain partner as it embarks on its digital transformation strategy. Kering Eyewear will leverage JDA® Demand as it looks to get a clearer picture of global demand, so inventory investments can be minimized and customer demand can be met profitably.

Kering Eyewear is the world leader in luxury and high-end eyewear.  They design, manufacture and market the most desirable frames and sunglasses in two fast growing segments: Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle, developing a unique ensemble of powerful and complementary brands –  part of Kering Group.

Through strong industry expertise, Kering Eyewear empowers its brands to go beyond their limits in this high potential business category, supporting their capacity to lead and innovate in Eyewear, to realize their artistic and financial potential, in the most imaginative and sustainable manner.

In 2014, Kering Eyewear initiated a strategy aimed at building in-house eyewear expertise for its Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle brands, with a dedicated entity managed by a skilled and experienced team. Through this new business model, the company will fully control the Eyewear value chain, from design to product development and supply chain, and from branding and marketing to sales.

“We needed to Improve accuracy and visibility of total demand especially considering the amount of shelf lifecycle products we have to manage within each collection,” said Daniel Bellini, global head of IT and planning, Kering Eyewear. “To achieve this as part of our strategy, we needed a strong partner to support our digital transformation and manufacturing supply chain management. JDA was a natural choice due to its strong track records of successful projects and expertise in supply chain management in the luxury, consumer goods and fashion manufacturing space.”

Kering Eyewear’s goal is to enable intercompany demand collaboration among different functions, as one of the biggest steps towards their end-to-end supply chain transformation. Kering Eyewear will use JDA to achieve this while meeting customer demands in the most effective and efficient way, in line with the prestige of the brands they represent. Leveraging JDA Demand solutions, Kering Eyewear will not only improve accuracy and visibility of total demand, it will also achieve real-time scenario planning between demand and supply and have more visibility into forecasting, particularly for slow movers and new products they put on shelves.

“Being in control of demand is fundamental in today’s competitive environment, where customer satisfaction is achieved only through product and service excellence,” said Franck Lheureux senior vice president, sales, EMEA, JDA. “Controlling demand is imperative to meeting growing consumer expectations in terms of product availability through their preferred channels. Kering Eyewear’s strategy to create a single view into demand will help it achieve consistent forecast accuracy, while continuously evolving localized shopper preferences based on demand segmented by product, geography and channel.”

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