This contributed story by Dr. Michael Feindt, strategic advisor with Blue Yonder, originally appeared in Forbes on May 26, 2021. Excerpts from the story below. To see the full story

When it comes to constructing software infrastructure, companies should avoid playing with independent Lego bricks. Instead, why not invest in a complete Lego castle?

As organizations’ data sets expand exponentially, their need to harness and channel such vast insights in the right direction is becoming more pronounced. The role of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) in this process is now vital as companies look to leverage historical data for future efficiencies and revenues.

However, the complexity of creating and building an AI system for this purpose is more complicated than many would like to believe. As data expands, businesses tend to resort to the idea of seeing their infrastructure as a game of Lego. As the infrastructure needs broadening, a new Lego brick can simply be added.