Story originally appeared in The Evolving Enterprise‘s Q3 2020 issue. Excerpts from the story below. To see the full story visit

Coming out of the store-room depends on the AI maturity of a retailer and also on what its customer base is demanding. “While it’s still early days for most retailers, AI will play an increasingly central role in helping retailers optimise their operations and deliver efficiencies in the future,” says Wayne Snyder, the vice president of Retail Industry Strategy EMEA at Blue Yonder, which delivers AI and machine learning (ML)-embedded systems for retailers. “Recent research we ran with WMG at Warwick University highlighted that while only 15% of retailers are currently using AI in supply chains, more than half of them want to be doing so by 2025. However, if we look globally, we do see more examples of shopfloor adoption. Across Asia, technology is strongly integrated into the retail experience, with many staffless stores in operation. Amazon Go and similar frictionless payment technologies rely on AI to ensure the right charge and reduce fraud.”