Story originally appeared in The Seattle Times on April 29, 2020. Excerpts from the story below. To see the full story visit

That month, about 48% of U.S. consumers said they were spending less recently due to coronavirus, including 22% who said their spending dropped significantly, according to a survey of about 1,100 people by Blue Yonder, which provides software and services for online retailers, fulfillment and supply chain companies. In a follow-up survey this month, 68% of respondents reported spending less.

Shopping habits have also changed in favor of Amazon and its online retail competitors. About 56% of the March survey respondents said they were shopping more online because of the pandemic, including 23% who reported shopping online “a lot” more.

Blue Yonder’s April survey revealed surging interest in grocery delivery, with 38% of respondents having attempted to use a service. More than two-thirds said they had done so successfully and nearly 40% were planning to continue buying groceries online.