A leading Thailand-based consumer products manufacturer and distributor to deploy a range of JDA Demand and Supply Planning solutions to re-energize its supply chain planning processes companywide

JDA Software, Inc., today announced that Osotspa, a leading Thailand-based consumer products manufacturer and distributor, has selected a range of JDA’s leading SaaS-based digital supply chain planning solutions to unite demand and supply planning throughout the company.

For over 128 years, Osotspa has delivered a wide range of products in three major business segments consisting of non-alcoholic beverages, personal care products and other businesses (OEM, healthcare, and confectionery). Apart from its domestic manufacturing and distribution, the company also distributes its beverage products in 25 countries.

In preparing to expand on a truly international scale, Osotspa is integrating its processes across its business. This will give Osotspa powerful visibility cross-functionally and across its affiliates, to be able to perform scenario analysis, right-size inventory across the entire network and improve forecast accuracy.

“We have been working with JDA, and they have been a good strategic partner to help us find the best solution to increase our business efficiency and capability through our supply chain to support our long-term strategy and ambition,” said Wannipa Bhakdibutr, President of Osotspa PCL. “As we deploy JDA across the company, we’re confident that we’ll be ready to grow our business while being able to adjust to demand and supply changes in real-time.”

With JDA’s supply chain planning solutions in place, Osotspa will be better able to:

  • Improve forecast accuracy across its business units
  • Right-size inventory across the network by better understanding demand and supply needs
  • Achieve a single, streamlined planning system for accurate decision-making
  • Create a consolidated, synchronized view of demand signals across the supply chain
  • Perform what-if scenario planning to dynamically update and optimize demand plans
  • Reduce infrastructure and IT support costs associated with the multiple solutions.

“Organizations like Osotspa that have wide distribution networks require the ability to rapidly balance the complexities created by demand and supply disruptions every day. Digitalizing their supply chain is critical in today’s world to address this volatile environment with changing consumer needs.” said Amit Bagga, President, Asia-Pacific, JDA. “We are delighted to be a part of Osotspa’s journey towards this digital transformation, delivering a united demand and supply planning approach that will allow Osotspa to drive optimized supply chain decisions.”

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