Forbes contributor Steve Banker highlights how Blue Yonder customer Micron Technology was able to reimagine, repurpose and transform its supply chain. Read more at Forbes.

I’ve talked to companies that implement supply chain software as a way of triggering a digital supply chain transformation. In some cases, these companies have a hard time articulating what “digital transformation” means to them, what their “to be” supply chain will look like, or even what their company’s strategic goals are. I worry about these companies’ improvement journey.

In contrast, I talked to Shiva Esturi, the vice president of global supply chain management at Micron Technology. Micron was three years into their supply chain transformation before they even began implementing a supply planning optimization solution from Blue Yonder. Blue Yonder’s solution did significantly improve their capabilities, but their focus on a new strategy, processes, data quality, and training drove most of the improvements that Micron experienced. Micron serves as an exemplar for what a supply chain digital transformation should look like.