Story originally appeared in the diginomica on the April 29, 2021. Excerpts from the story below. To see the full story visit

Blue Yonder CEO Girish Rishi tells diginomica that his company will continue operating under its own name beneath Panasonic’s umbrella. Both companies see a strong – if to outside observers unexpected – fit, as the IoT and edge services spread and supply chains become smarter, both locally and globally.

The dance began with an exploratory partnership in January 2019, when Panasonic was a JDA Software customer, followed by a joint venture in Japan that Spring. Panasonic then announced it would take a minority stake and a seat on what was now Blue Yonder’s board in May 2020, completing the move last July.

Rishi fills in the blanks of the story and says: Three years ago, Panasonic had decided to upgrade their supply chain capabilities in one division, and our team worked with them to lay out what that evolution looked like. They became our customer, their management team met here with us and we talked partnership.