Grupo Lamuño implements JDA Warehouse Management with the help of netLogistiK to improve its operational processes

JDA Software Group, Inc. and netLogistiK today announced that Grupo Lamuño, Mexican distributor of industrial parts, selected JDA® Warehouse Management in order to adopt inventory control and warehouse operations best practices. The implementation will be carried out by JDA partner netLogistiK, who has strong experience in implementing JDA solutions in the region.

Grupo Lamuño was founded in 1963 as a company that purchased and sold industrial parts to satisfy the maintenance needs of industrial companies in Puebla. Today, the company has locations in Querétaro, Puebla, Mexico City, Veracruz and Toluca, handling more than 50,000 products in stock and more than 20,000 customers from different industries such as automotive, metallurgical, textile, and metal mechanics, among others.

Grupo Lamuño is focused not only on solving the needs of its customers, but also on becoming their commercial partner, offering high quality products with personalized customer service. Logistics and supply chain planning is a key part of Grupo Lamuño’s operational processes to fulfill customer orders in the shortest possible time.

In order to strengthen its operational capacity and boost its customer service levels, Grupo Lamuño decided to implement JDA Warehouse Management. The solution provides inventory control and traceability capabilities to keep pace with customer demand, reduce obsolete products and losses, increase productivity levels and help Grupo Lamuño transform from a family business into an institutional company with the best operational practices.

JDA, with its global industry-leading solutions and netLogistiK, with its experience in the Latin American market will serve as strategic partners to Grupo Lamuño achieve its established objectives.

“In a highly competitive market in Mexico, without having visibility into issues such as the ability to locate defects in equipment and fix it quickly, or not having the right product or knowing where it is, can lead to losing the sale,” said José Pablo Lamuño, project lead & administration, Grupo Lamuño. “The cost of each opportunity is key because of the correlation with customer confidence; the failure to adequately meet customer needs means lower sales and, therefore, less growth,” he concluded.

“In the combination of JDA-netLogistiK, we discovered a true business partner with the expertise we needed as well as understanding our focus on driving our business to a new operational and strategic level,” said Alfredo Lamuño Otaolaurruchi, general manager of Grupo Lamuño. “Based on this exceptional service and support, they became a very important pillar on our path to professionalization and institutionalization,” he added.

“Grupo Lamuño recognizes that advanced warehouse management technology can help improve and maintain the company’s standards of quality and service,” said Antonio Boccalandro, JDA group vice president of sales for Latin America. “We are pleased to help build a technology platform that delivers the control, visibility, scalability and standardization the company needs to support its success.”

“The relationship with Grupo Lamuño began thanks to the confidence they put in us to implement the new solution in order to make their operations stronger and more effective, as well as considerably improve their productivity and customer service levels,” said Francisco Sahagún, commercial manager of NetLogistiK. “We are convinced that with JDA Warehouse Management, they will be able to achieve their goals and we will be there to make sure that it is a success.”

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